About Sir Guy

Happily Playing

Sir Guy is music written, performed and produced by singer/songwriter Jay Sir Guy, a modern day (wannabe) bard. Jay travels to different locations in the world for inspiration, stays put for awhile and writes music, then moves on.

While the music ranges through many types of styles, it tries to hold true to straight Rock.

The majority of the songs here were written and recorded while Jay was living and traveling through Europe. Next on the list is Japan.

Sir Guy’s musical inspiration comes from a large variety of music from Rock, Rap, and Metal to Classical, Opera, Video Games, and even J-pop. Some of Jay’s favorite influences are Guns N’ Roses, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Mr. Children, 植松 伸夫, つんく♂, and EDDA.

All of the music is currently available to download for FREE from the Music Page.